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Welcome to the world of Avon - come join us!

Hi and welcome to and my new blog!

In the coming weeks I'll be posting product reviews, hints and tips and pointers to the best brochure offers! But today I want to talk about something else: you. And me, actually.

On this website, as well as information on the latest Avon products and special offers, and a link to buy online, you will also find details of the benefits of becoming a representative or sales leader for Avon yourself. This might not be something you've ever considered, it was certainly the last thing I ever thought I would do, but read my story below and you might think again. Its so flexible, so easy, it can fit around whatever your life is like and adapt as your life changes. And it has the potential to change lives. It certainly changed mine, as I describe below.

When you've finished this article, you can read more about these great opportunities on the Representative and Sales Leader pages (click the tabs above). If it seems like something you'd like to try, go to the Apply tab to complete an initial request form - this doesn't tie you in to any contract, it just alerts me to the fact you want to discuss it and we can arrange a time to meet and have a chat about how Avon can work for YOU.

Work it YOUR Way
And that's the key thing about Avon. It works for YOU. It is designed to fit in with YOUR life, not the other way around. You choose your hours, you choose the extent to which you want to be involved. There is never any pressure from me or others to increase your workload, although if you want to of course I can always help you maximise your business and thereby your income from Avon. I have people on my team who just sell to their family or a group of friends because its cheaper than buying from another rep; I have people who run it as a sideline to their main business - especially hairdressers and beauty therapists; there are plenty of people who just want to make enough cash for a better holiday or a bigger wedding; then there are people like me for whom it is a passion and a driving force.

My Avon Story
Let me tell you a bit about me and my Avon journey. I started with Avon in September 2015. I don't know what made me do it, but I was sitting at home one day, trying to find the enthusiasm to create for my craft business, but I was in a rut and had been for some months, I was missing the social interaction of the school run since my children had all moved up to high school - I didn't seem to be seeing anyone any more and it was starting to affect me. On my facebook newsfeed there suddenly popped up an ad 'looking for people wanting to try something different, to earn a bit of extra cash'. I'd seen these ads before of course - we all have - but for some reason I clicked for more info. A lovely lady came to see me a few days later and explained how Avon worked. I said I'd give it a go, although it was well out of my comfort zone to go door-to=door and I'd rarely worn makeup for years and hadn't the first clue about skincare. Plus the only job I'd ever had in sales, I'd failed at miserably! Never mind, she said, you'll find it sells itself. So I agreed to give it a try. The clincher for me was the fact that I didn't have to pay anything until I had actually got customers who ordered - no upfront fee to pay so it was a no-lose situation. (And still is - you have up to three weeks to try it out before placing your order and paying the joining fee).

You're told when you start Avon that to earn the top level of discount you need orders of over £160 in a campaign (I'll explain that later). I thought that would be completely unachievable. I got there in my second day. In fact, that first campaign my total order was over £550 - netting me £138 for just a few hours work. And I was starting to enjoy it, finding out more about the products, getting out in the fresh air, meeting some lovely people who I'd lived near to for years without ever really meeting them. Many of those people are still my loyal customers today and I count many as good friends.

Within seven months of starting I had joined 'Presidents' Club', Avon's recognition scheme for high-volume sellers. By the end of that year I was at the third-highest level of the club, in the top 4% of representatives in the UK. And yet it still seemed so easy. I'm now in my third year and heading for even higher levels with my team in 2018.

Maybe it;s NOT for you...
I must just add though that Avon is NOT for everyone. If you are not a reliable, friendly person who is willing to put in effort to get rewards; if you are someone who thinks they can skip the online training, be slapdash, and not bother communicating with customers other than at payment time, you won't fit in to my team and you won't make a success of your business so Avon may not be for you. On the other hand, if you have bags of enthusiasm (even little tiny ones, hidden away somewhere in a dark place that you haven't looked at for a few years), are willing to learn and listen, and willing to think of different ways to promote yourself and your products, you will fit in just fine - you might even stand out as a Super Rep! If that's you, don't delay, go to the APPLY page and fill in the form so we can get together and get it to work for YOU.
Helen xx