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Helen Smith
Senior Avon Co-ordinator
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Selling for SULSAR - raising funds for charity through Avon sales

Here in Suffolk we have a number of very deserving charitable organisations. Each year I pick one to raise funds for through the sale of Avon products, as a way of giving back to our community. For the past year I have been supporting SULSAR - Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue. This is why.

When someone mentions Search and Rescue, most of us automatically think of Mountain Rescue, or maybe offshore rescue organisations, as these are probably the most inhospitable conditions we can imagine in which someone could become lost. However, there are many people each year who go missing elsewhere in the country, including the lowland areas of East Anglia, where heaths, fens and even forests can be equally hazardous and dangerous for someone who is disoriented, tired or otherwise vulnerable. Lowland search and rescue organisations specialise in locating missing persons in these areas. Like their mountain equivalents, they are all charitable organisations with little or no public funding, staffed by some amazingly dedicated volunteers.

SULSAR are a group of volunteers, highly trained in the skills of search and rescue in lowland areas, who operate in Suffolk and the wider East Anglian region. I first became aware of SULSAR during the period immediately following the disappearance of Suffolk-based RAF gunner Corrie McKeague. You are probably familiar with the case: if not you can find out more about it at . Corrie is still missing some 18 months later and no further clues as to his disappearance have come to light since. A number of search and rescue organisations were and continue to be involved in the case, headed by SULSAR.

SULSAR were involved from the start in searching for Corrie, and co-ordinating large group searches, and they continue to provide valuable support whenever needed to the family and investigating team. The organisation has been running for some years but this was the first time they had been involved in a case with such nationwide publicity. They are often called in by Suffolk Constabulary to aid in locating missing persons here in Suffolk, and increasingly in conjunction with other ALSAR groups in surrounding counties as well.

You can read more about SULSAR and their work here:

Why I sell for SULSAR
As a small organisation, SULSAR is entirely dependent on public donations to equip its volunteers and provide transport to often outlying rural areas where searches are required. Their work is incredibly valuable both to the missing person and their family and friends. They have an excellent track record in locating people in often hostile conditions year-round who may have become lost or disoriented by unfamiliar surroundings. They certainly save lives, as can be seen from their website and also on their twitter feed @suffolklsar . Go take a look.

To help with their constant need for funding, I have linked them as my charity on my ebay store, so they receive 10% of the proceeds of all sales. As I price my items at cost including free postage, these are all non-profit listings priced to sell quickly, and raise as much for the charity as possible. To date (March 2018) I have raised over £650 for them, enabling them to purchase much needed equipment and keep the team mobile.

How you can help
If you'd like to support SULSAR by buying my products, please visit my store at: All of my items come with free postage, and many are less than the brochure price. I also list rare and discontinued items, so if you miss a favourite perfume that Avon stopped producing, go have a look!
If you buy from me you will be prompted at checkout to add your own donation, if you are able to do so please give generously.

If you are involved with a charity yourself and want a new way to fundraise for them, why not consider becoming an AVON representative and donating some or all of your commission to them, or selling products at events or online for their benefit? Its an option being taken up by many small charities as they do not have to invest in costly stock that may not sell and thereby cause a loss to the organisation. Please contact me if you'd like more information on how to do this.