Contact Information

Helen Smith
Senior Avon Co-ordinator
Phone: 07876120109

Coffee and a chat? Come see me

All this year I will be running informal drop-in sessions in my local area to which everyone is welcome. Bring a friend or two! Children welcome - we love kids!
It's a chance for me to meet you, showcase some new products that Avon are launching (so you get a chance to see/smell them first!), and chat if you wish about the opportunities that Avon can offer you. These are not hard-sell events, I really don't mind it you just come for the free coffee! You will go home with samples and maybe some new ideas. Read on for dates and more info...

The first of these events will be at the delightful CRAFTY COFFEE coffee shop in Hamilton Road, Felixstowe. IP11 7AX


Come and have a chat. I'd love to hear about your experiences with Avon, products you currently use (Avon or not), we can explain Avon's Smarter Beauty swaps, you can ask our advice re skincare and makeup options, or whatever you choose (except Brexit!).

If you wish we can also discuss how Avon can work for you. Whether that be as a customer, as a representative selling products to family and friends, as a door-to-door distributor, online seller, or as a team builder. We can help you decide what path is right for you now and give options you may like to take advantage of in the future. You can talk to existing representatives about how they have found their Avon journey and what it has done for them.

You will come away with new knowledge, some free samples and maybe a new opportunity to get more out of life or to be able to afford some little extras.

Remember: Avon has an opportunity for everyone - it doesn't matter who you are, as long as you are over 18 years of age. We have:

Lots of men working for us.
Plenty of couples working it together.
Students working around their studies.
Stay-at-home parents working around their kids.
Increasingly, beauty bloggers and instagram fans promoting and selling their way.
Full-time workers and self-employed tradespeople doing it for a bit extra at the end of the week.
People with a sales or marketing background who know more about it than I do
People with NO sales experience who we can guide and help
People who cannot access traditional workplaces because of their health conditions.
Beauty and hair salon owners who want an extra income stream from their customers
Lots of retirees who miss the challenge of the workplace.
Even dog walkers who want to gain something extra from the time they are spending out with their pet.

If you have ever thought of running your own business, Avon is a great place to do that. If you just want to earn enough to treat your kids to more days out, Avon is a great way to do that too. If you just want a coffee, that's fine too. We'd love to see you.

Helen x