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Coffee and a chat? Come see me

All this year I will be running informal drop-in sessions in my local area to which everyone is welcome. Bring a friend or two! Children welcome - we love kids!
It's a chance for me to meet you, showcase some new products that Avon are launching (so you get a chance to see/smell them first!), and chat if you wish about the opportunities that Avon can offer you. These are not hard-sell events, I really don't mind it you just come for the free coffee! You will go home with samples and maybe some new ideas. Read on for dates and more info...

Pyramid scheme or MLM? What’s the difference?

Sometimes when I mention I work with Avon I get the response “Isn’t that a pyramid scheme?”

The answer is No. If it were, I’d probably be in jail, because pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL.

Avon is a multi-level marketing business (MLM). That’s not just a fancy change of words: it’s a whole different business model. Let’s look at both in turn.

The pyramid model

WOW! Just LOOK at our new starter kits

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it....
WHY? Well just look at this lovely little lot.
Until recently, when you joined Avon, you were reliant on your team leader to provide you with brochures and you paid a joining fee, but with no opportunity to buy a demo pack to kickstart your business. Unlike other MLM companies, Avon simply didn't provide them.
But now....
We have four different starter kits!
You have the choice of which one to purchase, dependent on your budget and your intentions for your business.

First we have:

Animal Testing - the FACTS

In this blog post I want to clear up a few myths. Animal testing is something I get asked about a lot, and there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there on social media regarding Avon as a company, and its products. So here is an important fact:


Show your support for dementia nurses on Red Lippy Day 2018

Remembering the good times on #RedLippyDay

The last conversation Jules Osmany had with her Mum was in 2013. ‘I asked her if she would like any shopping, and she replied; ‘Yes can you buy a red lipstick?’’ Jules recalls.

Born in the 1930s, Gloria had always taken great pride in her appearance. Inspired by film stars of the day such as Ava Gardener and Elizabeth Taylor, Gloria wouldn’t dream of leaving home without putting on a full face of makeup, particularly her red lipstick which had been her signature accessory since she was a teenager.


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