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Helen Smith
Senior Avon Co-ordinator
Phone: 07876120109

Taking it a step further - becoming a Sales Leader

Sales Leadership is another level of participation with Avon. It's an exciting opportunity to enthuse others and get them involved in the great world of Avon. By putting to use the knowledge you have as a Representative, you can run your own successful team of Representatives and earn from their sales. It's Avon's way of rewarding those who not only sell and serve their own customers successfully, but recruit, train, coach and help others to do the same. If you are ambitious, motivated, like meeting new people and can motivate others to do well, then Sales Leadership is for you.

As a Sales Leader benefits are numerous. Like a Representative, you have the freedom to choose your own hours, full training and support, the opportunity to train and develop your own personal team of Representatives and Sales Leaders across the UK. Avon provides you with access to all business support materials, a dedicated Avon Office website which allows you to run your business effectively. You earn variable commission on your team's paid sales, as well as the discount you earn from your own personal sales as a Representative, and there are often additional bonus incentives for higher earnings. Those who achieve are rewarded regularly and top leaders have access to some amazing incentives that change every year.

Sales Leadership can be challenging but very rewarding. Hard work and commitment are required but Avon has a pay plan that rewards you for your efforts. You are paid for your level of commitment and hard work accordingly! Build your team with our help, build your earnings, and share your success with others.

Some team leaders will take on brand new Representatives as Sales Leaders. I am not one of those team leaders. Those new Sales Leaders often fail due to not knowing the business well enough themselves in order to train others properly in best practice or deal with any issues that arise.. Unless you have a proven record in a similar role (in recruitment or MLM leadership for example), I would prefer my new Representatives to learn the ropes with Avon first. I firmly believe that you cannot teach others to do something you do not already have experience of yourself. This leads to a better overall team with better morale and happier Representatives and Sales Leaders! However if this is a role that you are set on and can prove that you have the knowledge and abilities, I am happy to add you to my Sales Leader team without a qualifying period as a Representative.

Joining sales leadership is FREE to all existing representatives. New representatives can join sales leadership for FREE once they have purchased their initial representative starter kit.

Helen xx