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Helen Smith
Senior Avon Co-ordinator
Phone: 07876120109

Why become an Avon Representative?

Becoming an Avon representative is simple, inexpensive and a great way to get yourself into work. You choose your own level of participation - some Avon representatives make it their full-time business, while others prefer to work just a few hours a week in their spare time. It's totally up to you. Avon is designed to fit around your current commitments and limitations whoever you are and wherever you live in the UK. It's a 130+ year old company with a history of empowering and supporting women, but we also have plenty of men as representatives, and people of all ages and backgrounds.

Do it your own way. You can sell in an area allocated to you, or just to family, friends, work colleagues and others you already know - you decide. You can sell online to anyone in the UK using your free personal Avon website. If you're confident and like the party-plan way of selling, you can do that too.! Hosting or taking part in events, regular or occasional, can boost your sales. Or if you're social media savvy, you can do it all online. You can even sell to your customers from your other job - plenty of beauticians and hairdressers are also Avon representatives for example!

You can build your Avon business at a pace that fits in with your lifestyle and your family, and vary that pace if your other commitments change. There is no target that you have to hit, no pressured goals, and no 'exit penalty'. It is totally up to you to work it however suits you best.

You can earn up to 25% from the products you sell; more if you buy bundle deals when on offer and sell at full price. The earnings are unlimited, you can work as little or as much as you like. You can also get great discounts that are available to representatives only, on both discontinued, overstock and brand new products. As a representative you also get the chance to buy products before they become available in the brochures, at a reduced price, so you can really become a trendsetter!

Here are just some of the benefits:-

  • Work from home the hours that suit you
  • No employer to decide when you can take holidays - it's up to you!
  • Orders delivered to your door free of charge*
  • A new brochure every 3 weeks
  • Startup kit costs just £15 and includes all the brochures and tools you need for your first three weeks
  • Optional product kits are also available to buy ifyou wish, at huge discounts for you to demo or sell on
  • Free returns and replacements across the whole range, even after you or your customer have opened and tried the product
  • Discount on all products from 10-85%
  • Full money back no quibble guarantee on all products
  • Free representative website so you can benefit from online sales across the whole of the UK not just your local area
  • Free access to loads of Avon videos, images, and other social media content to help you sell online
  • Full local and online training and support.

Get your free 7 day trial pack today - No obligation - Avon is for everyone but the trial pack gives you the opportunity to give it go. Just click the Apply tab and complete the form - this does NOT require any payment or commitment to sign up but just gives me the information I need to best advise you and if required identify local addresses that you could deliver to.

If you decide to join Avon you will need to purchase a starter pack but these start from just £15 - a small investment in what can becme a high-earning business. If you want to invest more we have larger kits that include a range of our fabulous products for you to showcase and demo to customers, helping you to gain valuable extra orders! The largest kit costs just £90.

If you think you may be interested - there is NO obligation to continue or purchase a kit at this time - please click the APPLY tab above and I will contact you for a friendly chat.

* Free delivery on orders over £30 - this is the total of all your orders per 3 weeks not a single customer order so not difficult to acheive!