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Helen Smith
Senior Avon Co-ordinator
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Let's talk about opportunity

How would you like the opportunity to:

  • work from home, choosing the hours that suit you?
  • earn extra cash from even just a couple of hours a week?
  • meet new people in your community?
  • work entirely online around your other commitments and have fun doing it?
  • meet other people like you across the UK and share ideas?
  • and have the opportunity to take part in great experiences?

Avon could be the answer!

"Oh no," I hear you say. "All that door-to-door. Trying to get people to buy lipstick they don't want. I couldn't do that."

You think so?

It's not like that anymore: the world has moved on. Yes, there are still people in your local neighbourhood who like to browse through a book that you pop through their door, but there's also a much bigger market out there ONLINE.

Avon provides every representative with their own unique website and app with interactive brochures you can share via social media, and suggested product posts to help you gain new customers. Take a look at some examples HERE
The ability to promote the latest trends online has seen many representatives' earnings skyrocket in recent years. You are no longer restricted to your own area but can sell right across the UK and all this is provided free when you join Avon.
Avon's products are in huge demand. They regularly win awards for innovation and their cutting-edge research means products are being brought to market quicker and right on trend. The price point combined with the excellent quality means they appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Also, it's NOT all about lipstick. Yes of course beauty products are Avon's core market, but did you know Avon also sells designer-brand fashion, jewellery, homewares, and much much more? And supports and promotes charities involved with breast cancer and domestic violence, worldwide. If you haven't seen a brochure lately you'd be surprised at what is on offer.

Take a look at the latest online brochure HERE

Did you know?

Avon has been in business for over 130 years! And in the UK for 60 years. That's a measure of how loved and trusted the brand is even today. It's kept up with every trend throughout its long history and generated a dedicated fanbase of every age and every gender.

Here's a question I get asked a lot:

Why is Avon's slogan "The company for women" when there are so many men working for Avon?

It's true. Some of Avon's top earners are men. Avon don't discriminate! Men are just as good at selling (and at motivating their teams) as women and get the same support and fantastic opportunities. I have men of all ages on my team and the customers love them!

The reason for the slogan is simple and is rooted in the brand's history. Avon was built as a business to empower women to support themselves financially from the home, in a time when many had no other income opportunities. It has been a cornerstone of the business throughout its history to put women first, to help women access earning opportunities on every continent. and work for women worldwide, not only selling fabulous products but also supporting women's causes with every item it sells, helping through charity partnerships to fund research into breast cancer and to support women who suffer domestic violence.

So why should I join Avon?

buyavon There are so many reasons. It's a great route into work for those just starting out, offering plenty of transferable work skills, as well as giving you the opportunity to meet new people and make great friends through our online and local Avon communities. Avon is not just a job it's a whole new family!

With Avon there are no high-pressure sales targets, unlike some other MLM companies. You work at a level that is suitable for you, whether that be just selling to your friends and family, or to homes nearby, just online or a mixture of all. You can even have people working for you once you know the ropes. You can expand your business to take in local events, sell to local businesses, sell on national platforms such as Amazon and ebay - any and every opportunity is yours! But you take it at your own pace, always knowing that Avon's area team have your back if you need help.

AVON has an opportunity for everyone..... let's find yours..... check out my other tabs on here to find out more!

My promise to you

applyAs your team leader I promise I will provide not only your initial basics, but show you how to run your business from scratch, provide ongoing support through social media channels and telephone contact, train you in best practice and generally support you on your new venture wherever it takes you. While I will expect you to put in the effort to succeed, I will never set you impossibly high targets or require you to purchase anything other than the basic startup kit (which is £15). Click HERE NOW to register your interest (no payment required) and I'll be in touch.

Helen xx